Amazing Facts about Budgett’s Frog You Need to Know

Budgett’s frog has scientific name of Lepidobatrachus laevis, it is also known as hippo frogs which are becoming popular to become pets. They are also called as Freddy Krueger frogs due to their aggressive nature like aggression or disturbing screech and long fingers.


These kinds of frogs has the ability to live for about 15 to 20 years where adults can grow between 31⁄2 up to 5 inches long and can reach 6 inches.

The Budgett’s frog has wide-mouth frog and also consider as a species that belongs to Ceratophryidae family. There are lots of people who kept it as their pet most especially those skilful amphibian keepers.

Physical Appearance of Budgett’s Frog


This frog is very popular due to its intelligent behaviour and flat appearance. It has a large head that makes 1/3 of its body and has extremely large mouth. Inside their mouth, they have top row of teeth with 2 fangs at their lower jaw.

Thus, they have stubby and short limbs and have forelimbs that are unwebbed. Among of these types is the L. Laevis that has dark color of dark olive green and darker blotches with orange outline. Its males possess dark blue color of throat.

Photo By: Reptiles Mack

Because of this, Budgett’s frog becomes one of the most outstanding amphibians with wide face, comical appearance, attached with big appetite and aggressive nature that makes it fascinating and fun pet.

In previous years, there are lots of commercial breeders of Budgett’s frog available in the market. Because of this, the high increase for its availability in the market causes to drop their price that is inline to the price of other frogs.

Budgett’s Frog Adaptation and its Habitat


Budgett’s frogs are well adapted to different seasonal nature of habitat where they live and survive. When the summer ends, and seasonal pools dry up these frogs hideaway into the mud through the use of spade-like tubercles at their back feet.

In these years, they hide and wait until the winter comes. Once the winter season arrives, they wrap themselves with thick and hard skin cocoon. This cocoon serves as their great protection to prevent water loss.

But once the spring or summer comes, the purpose of their cocoon is used for their breeding in which they can lay more than 1400 eggs and prepare themselves to the next dry season for eating.

The hunting methods of Budgett’s frog can be compared to the aquatic version of strategy of horned frog. They wait and sit around the aquatic vegetation of their prey such as other frogs or invertebrates that will come.

Its larvae has also interesting and unique facts where they develop immediately to become mature, fat and prepare themselves for dry season. Aside from this, their larvae is becoming more interesting for their diet. Since these kinds of species have small numbers only, they become extremely carnivorous and cannibalistic larvae.

Another great thing about Budgett’s frog is that it has unique jaw structure since their larvae has gap maw that supports its cartilage.

Budgett’s frogs are commonly found in countries of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Their natural habitats are wet and dry where they breed in some artificial ponds. Currently, their population is threatened to be loss and has a total of small population size.

Defense Mechanism of Budgett’s Frog


Most of the Budgett’s Frog has their unique defense mechanism used to protect themselves. If they have been disturb by their predator in the water, they burrow down the mud then silt but if they are in the land, they inflate their body that shows aggression.

If they think it is not enough to deter their predator, they lunge forward, agape their  mouth and stand only with their tip-toes then start to scream and bite their predator to drive them away.

Budgett’s Frog Scream

Budgett’s frog screaming when threatened.

Helpful Tips for the Right Budgett’s Frog Care

Proper Setup, Caging and Enclosure for Budgett’s Frog


A single adult of Budgett’s frog can last for 10-15 gallon aquarium and don’t move a lot regardless of their big size. During their active state, they are becoming totally aquatic where they need shallow water. They use their strength and take some length to appropriately adapt the depth of the water.

Therefore, the water should be filtered, dechloronated and heated for about 78 – 84 degrees and aims to become submersible filter that can pump up for 30-50 gallons in every hour. Thus, you need to ensure that your filter is quiet since they have lateral line system that runs down which was used to detect the vibrations.

Though you may have good filter use for their caging, you must keep in your mind that you need to take some attention with your Budgett’s Frog tank hygiene. It is because these frogs can produce lots of waste but they are very sensitive for bacterial infections that might be caused by dirty water.


Because of this, it is highly recommended that you check your tank and clean it regularly. Also, you need to ensure that you always change the water every 3 to 4 days and conduct total water change every one to two weeks.

In order for you to identify if you need to change the water from its aquarium, you will notice the color and odor of the water. If it shows unpleasant water color and odor, then it is the right time for you to completely change its water.

Thus, you need to ensure that you avoid too much tank decorations that make your cleaning process difficult. Since these frogs produce lots of waste, it will require you for tank maintenance.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you can always make it clean all the time as much as possible. In case you want to use the substrate, you need to make sure that you will not go for a small one which you think not enough for your pet when it comes to their eating process.

Also, Budgett’s frog has large impaction that offers some risk since they have violent responses during their feeding and with carnivorous mouth. So you make sure that you will not disturb them while eating with some live plants because they have the ability to destroy it with ease.



Many people love these frogs to become their pet because they are the animals who love to eat. Budgett’s Frogs live to eat and never stop eating. Because of this, they are very fun to feed but, you also need to avoid making them obese that may cause some problems to their health.

Making Budgett’s frog as your pet will require you to watch for their diet. The common foods they love to eat are crickets and night crawlers. If you decided to provide them with crickets, you must remove its back legs.

If your Budgett’s frog is still a baby, you can feed them as many crickets you have since they eat every 10 minutes in a day. Also, you can give them some fish every 3 days to provide them the right amount of calcium they need to grow.

An adult Budgett’s Frog should be fed as many night crawlers since they also eat every 10 minutes. You can also provide them with shrimp or fish. Additionally, you can serve them with mice that are thawed or frozen.

But, keep in your mind that you must not feed them with mice that which is larger than their size. If you have baby frog, you can feed them with fuzzy or pinky mouse every ten days. Likewise, if you have adult Budgett’s Frog, it is recommended that you will not provide them rodents more than once a month.

Making this kind of frog as your pet will make you feel happy in feeding them. They commonly love to eat frog, fish and other invertebrates that help to make their body harder as they continue to grow.



Budgett’s frogs should be handle with extra care. Since you will be required to hold them, you need to ensure that you will wash your hands with warm water for about 30 seconds and use some soap to make your hands totally clean.


In picking up your pet, you must hold it from its side towards their back. It is because if you pick them up in front, there is a tendency that they will bite you since they are very aggressive. They always think that all the things move in front of them are perfect potential for their meal.



If you really enjoy taking good care of your Budgett’s Frog, then you it must estivated every year. Once they reach 3 inches of size, you can choose month between October and November where you can estivate them.

Three weeks before your estivation process, you need to feed them twice as you usually do. This is to ensure that they have enough and adequate fat that is reserved in their bodies. For the last five days of your estivation process, you will need to stop feeding them completely to provide them chance to clean up their waste from their system.

At your chosen date, you fill the bucket with some organic soil and ensure that there are no chemicals or cleaners left. Then dig some small depression from the soil where you will put your pet frog.

Always check their light misting every hour and once they buried themselves from the soil; all you have to do is wait to moisten the soil for the next day.

Keep track the date starting from their starvation until you dig them up. In getting them out from the soil, gently dig the soil and prepare the big container to put them which is enough for them to move. Pour the dechloronated water that will reach only their nostril and continue to pour water until they wake up.

Since this process will need your whole day time, it is best for you to conduct it during weekend. Once your pet has been fully awake, remove them from their cocoon and put it back to the tank.

Ensure that it has complete and functional equipment and change the water often because this is the time where they will get rid all of their pee and dead skin. After 2 or 3 days, they will now feel hunger again so you need to provide them the right amount of food they need same as they used to be before.

Budgett’s Frog as Your Pet


If you find Budgett’s frog as a unique amphibian, it will become your excellent pet in your home. However, you need to ensure that you have right time to take care of them and provide all of their needs. Making it as your pet will guarantee you that you will have fun because of its comical appearance and behaviour.

Despite for its cannibalism characteristics, there are still lots of people who prefer to make it as their pet. There are lots of reasons why people love this frog as their pet. Among of these reasons include their huge appetite where you can find them fun to feed, comical looks, easy to take care and offers for a very reasonable price.

Making Budgett’s frog as your pet will guarantee you that you will never get disappointed about having one of them.

But if you are a novice keeper of Budgett’s frog, you will need to spend lots of your time to explore everything about this animal for you to provide the right care they need.

Having the right knowledge about them will compromise that you will become advantageous in taking care of them. But if you lack the important information about them, then you will find it challenging to take care of them.

If you are one of those people who have little experience and knowledge about Budgett’s Frog, this article will help you learn the natural cycles that they face at the wild. At the same time you can master the proper care requirements to make them a rewarding pet in your home.


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